Björn Fischer, Team ZAK
» "Dass mal was anbrennt, gehört zum Leben, ist aber kein Grund, mit dem Kochen aufzuhören." Ich arbeite gerne im ZAK, da das zusammen Kochen und Essen Menschen miteinander verbindet und Zugehörigkeit und Wertschätzung schafft. «

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Der Paritätische - Unser Spitzenverband

Let us introduce ourselves


The Soziale Hilfe Marburg (SHM) was founded in 1985 by staff members of the Psychiatric Hospital Marburg.
All members and employees have committed themselves to using all
their knowledge, energy and imagination to help mentally ill people in their social environment.
Our goal is to provide professional support by the structuring and arrangement of a normal day. The Soziale Hilfe stands for social, self-defined and caring help.


We want to offer individuals the opportunity to live a self-determined and independent life under “normal” circumstances. Our goal is to raise the subjective quality of life and contentment despite the individual having a psychiatric diagnosis. We work with the principle: help someone to help themselves. In the processes of learning, which can be difficult and lengthy at times, we consider ourselves as a cautious companion and to be geared to the client´s long-term development. Yet another objective is the preservation of skills, abilities and resources.

We work with the “Person orientated assistance” approach, which means every client becomes a designated case manager and a replacement manager in order to receive support. Our main focus is the development and preservation of a supportive and stable assistance-relationship, in which we provide stability, safety, encouragement and care.
The foundation of our work is to approach people with honest interest, respect, acceptance and clarity. Within our four centres, it is important to us to deliver flexible, customised services close to the client´s home. Part of this, amongst other things, is to support willing clients on their way from a highly supported to a more independent way of live.

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